Traditional Japanese spice paste, universal seasoning and soup base.

Our miso is called shiro miso (light) and is made in chunky tsubu quality - it contains pieces of chickpeas. Produced by fermentation of organic barley and chickpeas in the presence of noble mould (koji). The taste is milder and sweeter than the darker miso. Generally, the darker the miso, the longer it has fermented and the more intense the flavour. 

Why include miso in your diet? 

Miso paste is literally one of the miracle foods, it contains highly digestible proteins, many vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other substances.

  • Made according to a traditional recipe from local organic ingredients.
  • Clean label-without preservatives and colouring agents.
  • It has a fifth umami flavor, which is referred to as "delicious" or "flavor of ripeness".
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
  • It helps to harmonize digestion and stimulates vitality.
    It has detoxifying effects.

How to enjoy Miso?

It is traditionally used to prepare Miso soup.

  • Soup base instead of broth
  • Enlivens vegetable and pasta salads
  • For flavouring and thickening
  • For marinating meat, fish, tofu

Tip- add miso to scrambled eggs, spreads, on bread...

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