It was 2011 that we enthusiastically embarked on the journey that would turn our dream into reality. It all started with hummus! Having repeatedly visited the Middle East and succumbed to the lure of local atmosphere folk and food traditions, exploring the local culture and sampling the nation‘s cuisine, an idea began to get hold of Štěpán: I love Hummus. The project took shape as he interned at different restaurants, encountered inspiring figures, and diligently studied manufacturing and marketing. A few months later, a small family-owned business was brought successfully on its way in the Czech Republic. Before long, Štěpán‘s 84-year-old grandma (who‘d been supporting the chickpea idea from its early days) needed backup at the hot plates, the pots, and casseroles – and our call for help did not go unheard: today, our team of ardent hummus fans numbers 15 people.

And if that's not enough, Štěpán also discovered that Kimchi, a spicy crispy salad of pickled fermented vegetables, is on the list of the healthiest foods. It was the year 2016 and Štěpán gradually enriched his range of products with Kimchi.

We want to give people the opportunity to eat well and feel better.

Balanced and at peace with the world – simply by providing a range of top-quality, tasty, full-value products. We also want to do our part in explaining to people how important recycling, and clean water, and renewable energies all are. We practice what we preach: we compost and separate waste and use our own water in production. Eventually, we want to switch to solar electricity. We cook with love and passion, we stand for earthbound, wholesome values, and we look forward to yet more chance encounters down the road, hoping that some of them may result in further culinary ideas which we will then bring to your table…

Our products have already made inroads into more than 600 retail stores all over the Czech Republic; we have also struck up a collaboration with a few of the big chains (Tesco, Makro, Globus, Ahold…). We supply restaurants and corporate clients – including foreign ones.

Our manufacturing process is HACCP-compliant and we hold an International Food Standards - Global Markets certification. In 2017, we moved from Průhonice to Všechlapy near Divišov, where more spacious facilities have allowed us to push for the implementation of more audacious plans and grow our vision.