Make every meal special – have some Kimchi
Kimchi is a fermented, probiotic, spicy salad that tastes great. Fermented products improve the balance of intestinal microflora and help with digestion. They boost immunity and assist the cardiovascular system. Kimchi can be served separately, as a salad in a bowl with each meal or to make your baguettes special.

Fermentation process
Lactic fermentation is one of the oldest forms of food preparation and storage outside the growing season. It is a natural consequence of the activities of 3 kinds of friendly bacteria that create a quality environment with the required pH (acidity), through which the content of sugars and starches changes. Fermented food is more nutritionally valuable than its original ingredients and its acidity is closer to the natural pH for digestion. Probiotic bacteria activity thus saves us the work of digestion and the body can use energy for other processes.

What is a probiotic?
It is a living organism added to food, which positively affects health by improving the balance of intestinal microflora. Probiotic salads that undergo the process of fermentation have been around for thousands of years and are part of the diet of all cultures. A typical example of a probiotic is yogurt. There is no need to add probiotic cultures to vegetables grown in the garden during food production, as their surface is completely naturally covered by these bacteria.  When preparing fermented food, we can either grow the colonies that are naturally found on the vegetables or add a purchased starter culture.